ZipScreen vs Outdoor Blinds

Do you have a spacious & luxurious balcony? Why not make full use of it and dress it up. But, which dressing do you prefer? Recently, we‘ve seen ZipScreen been introduce to the market and it was very well receive by many EC and condo owner. So, what’s the difference between ZipScreen and Outdoor Blinds?

Sleek, secure and durable ZipScreen – a great way for an open space being converted into indoor. Extremely durable yet affordability.

1. Functionality
Outdoor Blinds- Design to withstand harsh outdoor glare, heat, dust and UV (95%). While you’re at it, it provides privacy when you roll your blinds down.
ZipScreen- Strong and durable ZipScreen offers protection from sun, UV rays and inclement weather. Not only that, ZipScreen with smart sensor (impact detection) detect irregularity during descend. It is the perfect solution for any outdoor residential or commercial application.

2. Structure Design
Outdoor Blinds- Comes complete with a pair of stainless steel cable side guide to withstand breeze guiding the blinds. The gap between the cable and the fabrics allow more chances of rainwater to flush in during heavy rain compare to ZipScreen.
ZipScreen –Installed with flat grooved dual surfaced self-aligning side channel, with no significant gap. Much like its name, it comes with zip to secure the fabrics and the side channel. Besides this, the ZipScreen always come with neat and no cord beside (design-friendly features) that create a relaxing insect free environment.

3. Control System
Outdoor Blinds- Operations of outdoor roller blinds can be perform in these 2 methods – manual and motorised system. Both system are compatible and you can select base on your needs and preference.
ZipScreen – Offers motorised system where it can be controlled through apps, convenient for owner to manage the blinds’ operation even they are out of home. Spring boosted (manual) or crank system for your ZipScreen are the other 2 system available for ZipScreen.

4. Fabrics
ZipScreen – Comes with 1% openness for polyester and fabric so now you can enjoy a comfortable indoor air-conditioned ambience with ZipScreen. A great choice for energy saving.
Outdoor Blinds- Comes with standard 5% openness polyester where more rain will come into your balcony.

Trust us, with 30 years in the market, ZipScreen will definitely give you the best solution you are looking for. Hit down to our showroom by appointment to know more on ZipScreen or check out the latest info at

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