Types Of Window Furnishing For Your Home

Firstly, why do we need window furnishings? As we know, it can help to add an aesthetic appeal to your space. However, the function of every type of blind goes far beyond the appearance of the blinds. Knowing what you need is very important and several factors need to take into consideration. What are the window furnishings you can get in the market?

1. Roller Blinds
One of the most popular and high-demand blind options in the market. A single piece of fabric easily matches with any interior style, easy to operate via a pulley chain. It has different functions and materials available, such as blackout blinds and sunscreen blinds with few types of openness. Blackout blinds are ideal for bedrooms, toilets and other rooms where you wish to have some privacy and keep out the intrusive sunlight. Sunscreen Blinds allow you to enjoy the outside view and will not 100% block out the sunlight, mostly can be seen in the living room, kitchen or study room. All roller blinds can be cleaned and maintained easily.

2. Korean Blinds
It is also known as shadow blinds, combi blinds, rainbow blinds and zebra blinds. It is the current trend now as it consists of two layers of fabrics. The volume of incoming sunlight can be controlled easily by adjusting the layers. Filter and reduce the sunlight and UV rays during daytime and block out light during night time. It also comes with different materials such as dimout and blackouts. Korean Blinds are very versatile, suitable for home and office.

3. Venetian Blinds
If you are looking for something that can add a wood touch to your window, Venetian Blinds never fail to achieve that. It offers a sleek appearance to your home. It consists of slack of horizontal slats that can be rotated, boost your comfort by adjusting the amount of sunlight. Venetian Blinds come with different materials as well, such as PVC and Wood. When you are in the stage of choosing the material, few factors you need to consider. The condition of the space is one of it, what if the space is unable to withstand high humidity and it is frequently wet? The only option is to go for PVC Venetian blinds. Don’t worry about the visual, all look the same and you can’t easily tell the material by looking at it.

4. Curtains
If you want a soft visual, curtains are one of the options. Curtains can also help to adjust the amount of sunlight getting into your home, you can achieve a full blackout effect too! It also helps to regulate the temperature in your home. However, the dark side of curtains is the maintenance. It attracts more specks of dust compared to roller blinds and it needs to be washed frequently. There are few types of curtains such as sheer, day & night curtains. You can mix and match any of them!

5. Solar Film
It is a thin protective layer affixed to windows. You may use these transparent films to reduce heat and UV ways through windows. It also significantly reduce your energy bills as these films prevent the build-up of heat in your home, provide cooling efficiently, especially on a hot sunny day. Some people might wonder, is solar film necessary? Never say no to extra protection for your home.

All in all, every blind has different functions, designs and materials. Very confusing and lost? Head to our showroom to see a wide selection of quality blinds, our product advisors are always ready to help.