Turn Your Tiny Balcony Into An Irresistible Retreat

Turn Your Tiny Balcony Into An Irresistible Retreat

Enclose your outdoor living area that you will want to enjoy, entertain and spend time in is not an issue. Not only helps to increase your home’s value but also improve your living lifestyle at the same time.

The current hot outdoor product is called ZipScreen, outdoor shade that designed and tested in Australia. It is water resistant and it able to prevent rain water from damaging your outdoor furniture. The design and appearance of ZipScreen is sleek, simple and modern. It will only create adds to your space. Not only helps to prevent flooded balcony, it can also reduce sun glare, block out UV Rays and insects. With ZipScreen, it can reform your outdoor space to a cozy, comfort indoor space.

  • Make it into a study area
    For those living in a smaller flat that has limited rooms, there are likely no extra rooms for you to have your own study area. Create a study spot is very easy. Don’t have to worry about harsh sunlight, UV Rays or prying eyes. ZipScreen has got you covered as it works as outdoor screen or “sunscreen shade” too.
  • Transform it to the best dining spot
    Meals with a view? Sounds good! When you gained a spacious balcony, always remember to utilize it till the max. Place a dining table, decorate with some statement centerpieces, decorate a gallery wall. Transform your balcony to fine dine restaurant anytime! If you have a narrow balcony, you can install a high table or something like bar counter against the railing. These types of furniture can help to free up valuable floor space.
  • Play area
    Not everyone of us has luxury backyard or patios for outdoor play time. However, it is possible to reform your balcony into a fun entertainment area. Although some balcony has limited space, but this will force you to be more creative. For starters, you can put a rubber mats or soft flooring carpets for your kids. To make it like a real playground, you can place some kid’s furniture or take a small corner to store their toys. Once you enclosed your balcony with ZipScreen, your children will gain one extra space to play and you don’t have to worry that they will be exposed to harmful elements.

In a nutshell, enclose your outdoor area can easily be customized to suit your needs and transform it to your own little piece of heaven.

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