Things You Need to Know About ZipScreen

Things You Need to Know About ZipScreen

We received lots of questions regarding ZipScreen. Below are some Q&As which are not found in the FAQ section. 

1. May I know what’s the difference between ZipScreen and outdoor blinds? Are they the same?
Answer: Both are known as external blinds. However, the functions are different. ZipScreen is also known as balcony screen as it helps to reduce rainwater, withstand strong wind, block out UV Rays, reduce sun glare and heat. Outdoor blind is more like outdoor shade, it can reduce the sun glare and provide you necessary privacy. 

ZipScreen has a hidden Z-lock fastening system that is why it can fully enclose your balcony. However, the normal outdoor blinds has a pair of cable side guides at both sides, it can’t fully enclose as there will be a gap. To make it clear, you may refer to the image below.

2. My house is facing evening sun, which one should I purchase?
Answer: If you are looking for something that can solve the evening sun, outdoor roller blinds is the best solution. If you have a low budget and want something affordable, outdoor blinds never go wrong. Don’t feel like going out to operate the blinds? You can upgrade to motorised blinds, exactly like automatic blinds! 

3. ZipScreen is same as zipblind? Zip track? Shyzip? It is quite confusing. 
Answer: All of them have similar functions and benefits. However, the country of origin and the quality/material of the products are different. The designs are different as well. To make things easier and clearer, you may refer to the photos of each finished project or visit showroom.

4. Is the price of zip blind in Singapore about the same? 
Answer: Nope, the zip blind price in Singapore are all different. The authentic ZipScreen/Ziptrak are costlier than the other similar products, as they are imported from Australia compare to importing from China. The total price will depend on the dimension of your balcony. Oh, if you are wondering about the current promotion, we are giving every customer a free upgrade to motorised system now. 

5. Can ZipScreen prevent insects from coming in? Can I connect to my smart home device?
Answer: Yes, with its 1% openness fabric, it works the same as mosquitoes screen or insect screen. It can prevent insects from coming into your balcony. You can have fun worry-free! Nonetheless, you may control your ZipScreen at one click by connecting it to your smart home devices, make it as “smart zip”! 

6. When is the best time to install ZipScreen?
Answer: ZipScreen installation is always the last step! It can be installed after your balcony renovations such as floor decking, invisible grille have been completed. Don’t worry, the installation will not affect your balcony conditions as our installation team are very professional and efficient. 

7. Suitable to install at penthouse or high ceiling wall?
Answer: The maximum height & width of ZipScreen is 4m. However, it has to depend on the on-site situation. 

8. My balcony needs a roof extension to install ZipScreen, does your team do that too?
Answer: Yes, we provide “one-stop-shop” service, make sure you are hassle-free! Aluminium composite panel is one of the best choices for roof extension, modern, stylish and enhance the appearance of your space. Not only that, if you have extra space and would like to build an outdoor shelter, we can do that too. An outdoor shelter with ZipScreen, what a perfect combination! Gaining another extra outdoor entertaining space, why not? 

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