Reasons to have Motorised Blinds

Although motorised blinds might cost more than normal manual blind, the benefits of motorised blinds are way beyond than manual blinds.

Installing motorised blinds allow you to access and control a repetitive task easily. In other words, you can adjust your blinds with just a touch of a button, control remotely. It helps you to save the hassle from going in and out to control and most importantly, you don’t have to climb high up to lower down the blind.

Child Safety and Pet Friendly
Motorised blinds remove the need for hanging cords and pulley system, making them completely child and pet friendly. There are reported news and cases regarding the danger of blind hanging cords which might endanger children or pets in your home. Motorised blinds definitely help to avoid all the tragedies that might happen.

Motorised blinds are able to fit well in any space. It can be applied on indoor blinds and outdoor blinds, no limitations. You can control the blind at anywhere in your home, it is not a must to control near the blinds. Due to the advancement of technology, it offers smartphone apps as well which allow you to operate the blinds without the remote control.

Enhance the appearance of your space
Other than practical benefits, motorised blind is also one of the great ways to enhance the beauty of your space. As mentioned above, motorised blinds do not need to be secured with the pulley system, it will look more simple and neat without the cord hanging around.

Go cordless
Motorised blinds are usually installed when you have more than one window. It is surely a better option to go for cordless blinds in such cases as it just requires a simple push or pull to alter the movement of the blind.