Quick & Easy Balcony Design Ideas

If you have plans to own a house in Singapore, most likely you’ll get a modestly-sized HDB flat or condo. Most of it comes with either a service yard or balcony. Don’t waste this extra space, it is not just a simple space for you to store something or hang your laundry.

What can you do with your outdoor space? You don’t need a major balcony renovation, just need to place a few things and it will look perfect!

1. Install Outdoor Blinds
Before placing outdoor furniture, you need outdoor blinds to secure your furniture so it will not waste your effort. There are several outdoor blinds in Singapore. The current HOT product is called ZipScreen. It is also known as balcony shade, balcony blinds, outdoor shade and many other terms. The main purpose of ZipScreen is to protect you from harmful elements such as wind, UV Rays and harsh sun glare.

You might afraid of rainwater splashing into your space especially Singapore is always a wet country. Once you installed ZipScreen, you don’t have to worry as it can help to reduce rainwater. Not only that, it works almost the same as mosquito/insect screen. ZipScreen is also suitable for balcony, HDB service yard, patio or car pouch.

2. Place Outdoor Furniture
What kind of furniture? It depends on your interior. If you want it to be your additional work/study space, you can put a table, bean bag, chairs or bookshelf. The dining area is also one of the ideas. If you own a bigger space, you can put a long dining table so that your guest and always spend time there. Having dinner with a serene view, isn’t it good? Next, if your kids need a bigger space to play, you may transform it into a play area, so-called entertainment area. Creating the area by placing some soft mats or rugs on the floor and tables.

3. Mini Garden
For plant lovers, this is the best idea. You can decorate your balcony space with your favourite plants or flowers. It looks normal if you just fill the space with lots of plants. You can also place some gardening décor such as swings or hammocks.

Quickly transform your outdoor space to another level now, it is pretty simple!

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