How to Protect You And Your Family From Dengue

According to Hirschmann (2021), there were 15,998 reported cases of dengue infections in 2020. It was a steep increase compared to 2018 which was 3,285. The increase in dengue infections was due to several factors. To reduce the case number, there are many ways to prevent mosquito breeding in public spaces or residences.

1. Beat dengue with mosquito screens. There are few options such as roller shutter or velcro screen. If you wish to go for the simplest application, magnetic mosquito screen is another option. It is very easy to install, low cost and effective. Repair if there are holes or else it will waste your effort.

2. It is common to see the households in Singapore have balcony shade. Balcony is perfect for many activities such as planting, laundry drying or scenic viewing. However, it is easy for mosquitos to fly in unknowingly due to its open space and large entry. Thus, install balcony shade / outdoor blinds is another way to prevent mosquitos. Outdoor blinds like ZipScreen is the one of the durable outdoor shade as it has many functions other than preventing mosquitoes. The openness of the fabric is 1% and it can help to block out different kinds of harmful elements such as UV rays, reduce rainwater, withstand the wind & insect resistance. Not only that, you will gain another extra space after ZipScreen is installed at your balcony. Sounds interesting? It is always better to get something that can provide numerous benefits! To find out more on ZipScreeen, you may visit at:

3. Take steps to control mosquitoes outside or inside your home. Ensure that the stagnant water containers are drained out twice a week. Also, make sure the door or windows are closed especially during dawn and dusk.

4. Grow some plants around your house also one of the natural ways to prevent mosquitos. Plants like lemongrass, rosemary, basil or mint can be grown as a passive repellent. Although they can help to deter the mosquito away but do not forget to clear stagnant water from the base of the pot.

Prevention is better than cure. Do our best to protect our loved one!

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