How to clean your roller blinds – Check out this tips

Blinds will collect dust, pet’s fur and other residue. However, cleaning blinds is an easier task compare to curtains. Ideally cleaning it once a month. Tools for cleaning blinds 1.Vacuum…

Tools for cleaning blinds

1. Vacuum at low volume
Lower down your blinds and use the soft brush vacuum in lowest power setting, carefully vacuum from the top to bottom.

2. Damp Cloth
Simply use a damp cloths and wipe away the dust. For certain fabrics, be careful not to dampen your cloths too much and leave the blinds down until it is dry to prevent the growth of mold.

3. Feather duster
Simply start from the top of the blinds and roll down when you need to clean the blinds. Move your feather duster left and right motion. If your blinds is higher than your body level, take a chair and remove the dust along the surface from one direction. Besides, do remember to clean the bottom bar of the blinds as much dust will sit on it.

Choose the gentle way when cleaning your blinds. Regular cleaning will keep your blinds in good condition and dust away.