Go Cordless Today!

Children are always looking for their next adventure! The danger of leaving the roller blind’s cord hanging unattended! Blinds can be potentially dangerous tools for infants and children. The most hazardous parts are the pulley cords. A 6 inches loose cord is all it takes!

There are ways to safeguard your home.

Keep the cord out of reach of children
Remove chairs, bookshelves, beds or other furniture away from the windows so that the children cannot climb and reach the window.

Replace with cordless or motorised option
Cordless blinds with wand to manage the blinds open and close can be a good option. Besides, parents can look for motorised blinds that can eliminate the hazard for kids by simple touch on remote control.

Install inner cords stopper
Limit the movement of cords by install the inner stopper that allow the blinds to be pulled and looped. This can reduce the risk and provide safety environment for your entire family.

Make the right choice on the blinds and keep your little ones safe. Go cordless today!