Easy yet Useful Fixes for Home                      Interior and Exterior Problems

Easy yet Useful Fixes for Home Interior and Exterior Problems

  1. Tiny Kitchen

Who doesn’t love big kitchen space? Kitchen usually require a lot of storage space to store cooking utensils, dry food, canned food, pots, pans and etc. What if your kitchen space is small? Don’t get disappointed. Make use of your kitchen unused wall. Ceiling-hung pot racks are one of the solution, spacy savvy! Hang your utensils onto it, easy and convenient. Other than that, it is good to invest a mobile kitchen trolley to store some dry food. This is useful as  you can bring them out of the kitchen after use.

You can also do extendable cabinet which is the current trend now. Save space and convenient too! If you wish to own a kitchen island, you may consider foldaway kitchen island. It doesn’t take up floor space and allows more flexibility in the layout.

2. Wasted High Ceiling Space

If you own a house with a high ceiling, you are lucky. If you do not wish to waste the space but have no idea what to do? One of the solution is build a loft designed as furniture deck. It actually provide you an extra space. You can have one extra bedroom, study room or even kids play room!

3. Wasted Balcony / Service Yard

Stop wasting your balcony space to hang clothes or store bulky items. Balcony is a potential space to create another useful spot. You can transform it into your study area, entertainment area or even dining area. Afraid of discolour / damage outdoor furniture after long time? Fret not! Installing outdoor shade and they will be okay! There are few outdoor shade in the market such as bamboo blinds, outdoor roller blinds, ZipScreen and more. Which one should you go for? If you are looking for something that able to block out UV Rays, harsh sun glare, provide privacy, wind resistance, reduce rain water, ZipScreen is definitely the best options among all. It is a product that tested and design in Australia, quality assured. It can also help to prevent insects, you don’t have to worry about your kids getting mosquito/ insect bites anymore.

4. Small Bathrooms

Bathroom is important as we use it every day. You can install a larger mirror, frameless mirror is even better! Mirror helps to add illusion of more space in the bathroom. Reduce colour contrast and dividing lines. These will make your bathroom feel smaller. If have to choose between light or dark colour, remember it is better to go with light. Try not to put so many things in your bathroom, go easy on the décor. If you are unsure about the items you put, ask yourself whether it has any functional value.

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