Best New Year Resolutions: Spring Cleaning & Makeover

Make your home neater than it has ever been with the tips and guidance below. Always start your year off with a clean state. You can also impress your relatives with a new look and create the most inviting home.

1. Throw out everything that you don’t need
Always remember – out with the old, in with the new. To make your spring cleaning easier and more manageable, reduce the “rubbish” in your home. Go through all the things/items in your cabinet and every corner of your home, throw away those things that are not functioning anymore. If there are something that still can be used, donate to the person who needs. Don’t forget to reorganize everything after cleaning up.

2. Clean your window furnishing
First thing first, raise up your window blinds and wipe the window with glass cleaner / microfiber cloth. Then, lower down the roller blinds, dust with a feather duster and you may finish by vacuuming the fabric shades. Oh ya, usually the bottom bar & pulley chain can be easily neglected, don’t forget to wipe the dust off with damp cloth!
If your windows are old and discoloured, it is high time for you to declutter your old window furnishing and install a new one.

3. Small area / outdoor cleaning
Move the things away from your outdoor space and reorganize. “Deep Clean” your deck and wipe the outdoor furniture. If your floor has a rough surface, you may need to use a scrubbing brush instead. Some of the homeowners have installed a mosquito screen, balcony privacy screen at their balcony. If you own that, you can clean it with feather duster or soft brush.

4. Balcony / outdoor space makeover
If you are fortunate to have a balcony, make sure you make the most of it. Afraid of dust, insects, flooded balcony? You may consider investing ZipScreen outdoor shades. Some people might call it as “balcony shades”, “outdoor shades” or “balcony screen”. This can be the best investment ever! It helps to protect your space and even your family members. Enjoy your time at your balcony without getting a sun burn or insect bites. Most importantly, it is low maintenance. What you need to do is clean the “screen” with soft brush. You can use damp cloth or mild detergent to clean the side channel.

Spring cleaning and makeover aren’t an easy task. Before you start doing that, make sure you plan out nicely with a checklist. Remember your ultimate goals – the house must be clean inside and out.