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Why Settle for Ordinary Outdoor Blinds?
Discover the ZIPSCREEN Advantage.

At Ecohaus, we believe that the great outdoors should be enjoyed in style and comfort, and our ZIPSCREEN solutions make it all possible.

Impact Detection

Wind Resistance

Sun & UV Protection

Coastal Approved



Insect Resistance

Hidden Motor With Enclose Box

1% Openness Polyester Fabric

Hidden z-Lock side fastening system

Aluminium Fix pole

Customization for Your Unique Space

Your outdoor space is as unique as you are, and ZIPSCREEN gets it. With a variety of colors and fabrics to choose from, you can design it to match your outdoor style effortlessly.

Main Features of ZipScreen

Experience the Outdoors, Elevated

Featured 01

Protection And Comfort For Every Season

Featured 02

Privacy Without Constraint

Featured 03

Premium Design

Welcome to Outdoor Bliss:
Explore Our Outdoor Blinds Collection

Enhance your outdoor space by protecting you from harmful UV rays & sun-glare that cause damage to your flooring & home furniture. Install an outdoor blinds at your yard, patio, balcony or pergola are the perfect way to optimal space utilisation and enhance the privacy.  It provides an aesthetic appeal and easy maintenance without worries.  

Strength Meets Style with Stainless Steel Outdoor Blinds

Our VB Outdoor Blinds system features stainless steel components, adding both durability and a touch of modern elegance to your outdoor space.

Stainless Steel

Manual Control System
Motorized Control System

2 Different Types

Type 01

Flat Bar Outdoor Blinds

Type 02

Round Bar Outdoor Blinds

Discover the Magic of Roller Blinds:
Tailored for Every Moment

Roller blinds, popular for their ease of use and sleek appearance, are a low-maintenance choice. Control the room’s light with roller blinds, whether you want to block out sunlight entirely or let it filter through sheer fabric. Achieve the ideal ambiance—cozy and intimate or bright and airy. Roller blinds, especially with blackout fabric, offer a high level of privacy.

Manual Control System
Motorized Control System

3 Different Types

Type 01

Blackout Roller Blinds

Type 02

Day-Night Blinds

Type 03

Sunscreen Blinds

Discover Elegance and Simplicity with Korean Blinds

Korean blinds, also called combi or zebra blinds, consist of two layers with alternating sheer and solid panels. Sheer panels allow filtered light, and solid panels offer privacy and light control. Adjusting the panels lets you control light and privacy levels. These blinds provide a modern, stylish look and fit seamlessly into various window types.

Manual Control System
Motorized Control System

2 Different Types

Type 01

Blackout Korean Blinds

Type 02

Dimout Korean Blinds

Design Your Interiors with Venetian Blinds

Timber venetian blinds, with horizontal wood or faux wood slats, allow light and privacy control. These blinds, crafted from durable materials, resist warping and fading. They are energy-efficient, blocking sunlight to regulate room temperature, and easy to clean with a damp cloth or vacuum.

Manual Control System
Motorized Control System

Elevate Your Space with Timeless Curtains

we understand that windows are more than just functional openings; they are canvases for your creativity. Our Curtains are designed to transform your living spaces into cozy, elegant retreats that tell your unique story.

Discover the Perfect Balance with Sunscreen Roller Blinds

We believe that your windows should be a source of comfort, style, and protection. Our Sunscreen Roller Blinds are designed to provide you with the perfect balance of natural light, privacy, and elegance in one exquisite package.

Manual Control System
Motorized Control System

Transform Your Space in Style & Privacy Combined with Trishade Blinds.

Trishade Blinds also known as Shangri-la are a versatile and stylish window. These innovative blinds combine the best of both worlds – offering the privacy and light control of traditional blinds with the soft, diffused light effect of sheer shades. You can effortlessly adjust them to filter in the perfect amount of natural light while maintaining your desired level of privacy.

Manual Control System
Motorized Control System

Upgrade Your Outdoor Space with Custom Roof Structures

A high-quality roof provides a good experience for every homeowner. Imagine spending free time in your outdoor entertainment area, feeling safe, secure and shaded. A roof must be strong to protect you from rain and wind load. The shape of a roof plays a huge role in defining and characterizing the complete look and elegance of a house too.

2 Different Types

Type 01

Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP)

Type 02

Polycarbonate Roofing

Uncompromising Quality

Elevate Your Space with Premium Materials

Roller Blinds | Korean Blinds | Trishade Blinds

Acrylic | Fiberglass | PVC | Polyester

38mm Aluminium Tube with White Colour Powder Coating

Heavy Duty System


Hear from Our Satisfied Customers: Real Stories, Real Satisfaction


“I can’t get enough of my ZIPSCREEN blinds. They’ve added a new dimension to my outdoor living. The selection of colors and materials made it easy to match my style. ”


“ZIPSCREEN has made a world of difference in my outdoor space. The quality and ease of use are top-notch. It’s like having a luxury resort right in my backyard!”


“ZIPSCREEN was the perfect addition to my patio. They offer the right mix of shade and style. I’ve received so many compliments from friends and neighbors. I highly recommend them!”

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